Plug Valve
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Two-way flow, multi-channel configuration, compact size, ensures your pipeline system design become more compact and flexible.

The actuator body rotating 90 operation, lighter weight, easier to use and install.

Metal lips can remove the thick sediment on outer surface of the rotation of the plug, prevent erosion damage to the bush.

Seals form includes metal seal, oil seal and non-metallic materials seal, to meet a variety of industrial conditions.

Valve structure used for fire safety in high temperature, can maintain the non-leakage.


Plug Valve:

Nominal Size: NPS 1/2~16

Pressure Rating: CL.150~CL.600

End Connection: RF/RTJ

Seat Material: PTFE、RPTFE

Body Material:? WCB,CF8/CF3,CF8M/CF3M,CN7M